Our clinicians have experience with orthopedics, sports-medicine, neurology, pediatrics and geriatrics. We work closely with each patient to design an...

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PCA Care

PCA Care is a division of Physio Centers of Africa established to find appropriate care for your loved ones with physical mobility and functional chal...

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PCA Independence Store

We are able to provide small consumables and equipment that supports your continued treatment or individual exercise at home. If needed, we can also w...

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Wellness and Fitness

Complete a short wellness survey as part of your treatments to check on your general health and wellness, or participate in a full fitness maintenance...

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Occupational Therapy

We can provide cardiac assessments as part of starting your treatment regime or as part of an annual check on your health and well being.

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PCA Way Academy

We provide continuing education training to physiotherapists.

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Physician Referrals Hospital Referrals

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About Us

We are an innovative healthcare business seeking to propel physiotherapy and elder care to world class levels in Africa.

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Invest in PCA

Join us on our journey to develop Africa’s number one physiotherapy rehabilitation and home care company.

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