5 reasons to see a PCA physiotherapist in 2019

Are you 50, nearing 50, or older? Did you know orthopedic pain is the leading cause of disability for this age group around the world? (“Orthopedic” is a branch of medicine concern with prevention and correction of musculoskeletal injuries. and “disability” means that someone cannot live their fullest life, like work normally, spend time with their family normally, or easily play with their grandchildren.) All of these issues are treatable and even preventable with the help of a qualified physiotherapist.

1. You want to age greatly, not just gracefully.

Not every 70-year-old patient I see looks and acts the same. The ones that exercise regularly and include exercise as a lifelong habit look and act about 10-15 years younger than their peers. In the game of life, from a physiotherapist’s standpoint, those who are able to move, walk and live freely without disability wins! A physiotherapist’s goal is to keep you moving until the very end with good power, good motion, good balance and a high quality of life. Good physiotherapy is the key to your overall good health.

2. You want relief from orthopedic pain.

physiotherapy is effective in treating all types of pain in all body parts for both new and older injuries. In fact, the patients in the study had more relief from physiotherapy than from pain medications! And the best part is physiotherapy is not addictive and you can’t overdose on it.

3. You want to get stronger, improve your balance or sports performance as you age.

physiotherapists know how to detect injury, and how normal aging is associated with typical orthopedic problems. Time and “miles” on the body create typical “wear and tear” issues related to aging. Starting in the third decade of life, people lose 5% of their muscle mass per decade if they don’t lift weights to counteract this aging effect. By age 50, we lose 10% of our muscle power if we do not lift weights or do resistance training to maintain our strength! physiotherapists are specially trained to diagnose injury and prescribe exercises appropriate for your age, injury and lifestyle. A physiotherapist can assist with strengthening and flexibility to combat the effects of aging.

4. You want to treat or avoid orthopedic injuries.

When it comes to detecting small injuries in the orthopedic system, physiotherapists are pros! Those wear and tear injuries like small rotator cuff tears or gluteal weakness are easily found during a thorough physiotherapy examination. Identifying orthopedic weaknesses and issues before they become painful is key to injury prevention. In addition, physiotherapy helps to not only strengthen or stretch trouble areas but prevent future injuries. Don’t wait until it’s painful, get ahead of your injury.

5. You want to invest in your long-term health.

What’s a healthy, working body worth to you? An excellent physiotherapist makes all the difference in how you age. Find one that works well with you and keep them on your team. You can usually access a physiotherapist directly without going to your doctor first. Research physiotherapists in your area or ask a trusted friend/family member for a recommendation.

Remember, you get out of it what you put into it. physiotherapists partner with you to get the results you desire. Your effort is essential in recovery and prevention! physiotherapists love helping people get well, and it only works if you follow the instructions and advice provided by your physiotherapist.

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Best of luck for a healthy and happy 2019!

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