5 Reasons why home physiotherapy works better

1) It fits into your life, not the clinic’s schedule

Patients consistently say that a barrier to sticking with their physiotherapy treatment is trying to make appointments that suit the clinic and their busy lives. However, with home care, you can fit your appointments into your schedule and do it in the comfort of your own home.

2) We can see what is contributing to the problem first hand

Maybe the way you use your kitchen needs to be changed, or your home office is not properly set-up. Perhaps it’s that favorite chair, or your TV is at a poor angle. When a physiotherapist enters your home they can assess your surroundings and make note of factors that are working against you. The quick and easy suggestions that follow can make all the difference to your recovery.

3) Exercises taught exactly where you will do them

Clinics are ideally set up and equipped for physiotherapy. But what happens when you get home and you have to replicate those important exercises. Few of us have a space at home that looks anything like a clinic. Your homecare physiotherapist can use what is available to you and teach you how to do your exercises in the environment that you need to do them. An experienced physio will work wonders with the furniture and environment you have so that your program is easy to follow and maximally effective.

4) Make it a family affair

Need help with your therapy. It can be difficult to explain to a loved one what to do after you get home from the clinic. When your physiotherapist makes a house call you can easily involve that critical helper, ensuring that they are trained by the expert!

5) No commute – rest and recover after treatment

There is nothing worse than feeling great after a good therapy session and having it all undone while you fight traffic or crowds to get home. Imagine being able to rest and recover in the comfort of your home. Maybe you will apply some heat and sit with a good book while your body does what it should to ensure maximum benefit.

There are countless more reasons to have physiotherapy brought to you.

Our patients have wonderful testimonies and we are betting you will say the same. Book an appointment and start recovering the right way! Call PCA today on 0813 028 0496.

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