Our Unique Features


  • Beyond physiotherapy- treating orthopedic/sports injuries, stroke, pain, acute rehabilitation/post surgery or trauma care needs, and mobility/coordination challenges resulting from aging or neurological disorders
  • Accredited and specialist physios and caregivers supporting geriatric/home care, orthopedic conditions and the critical specialty areas of neurology, pediatric care and pain management
  • Incorporating occupational and speech therapy over time


  • Positioning to develop a scalable network of accredited facilities with professional management and clinical expertise.
  • Leverage defined standards and protocols to provide consistent quality in treatment, home assessment, equipment and continuing medical education for physiotherapists
  • Centers equipped with top notch and unique equipment to ensure best in class services


  • Integrity – In treatment of patients and business practices
  • Excellence – In care provision and the way we work….aka “The PCA Way”
  • Client Service – We put our patients and collaborators first.
  • Team Work – Amongst ourselves and with you.