Basic Roles of a Home Caregiver

A caregiver refers to anyone who provides care for another person. There are different types of caregivers that provide specific care, like family caregivers and respite caregivers. Caregivers can help relieve burdens and support individuals in need. They may help for a long time or just a short time, but their care is always important. Let’s take a closer look at what a caregiver’s role is.

Caregiver vs. Nurse

Most people never think about the differences between a nurse and a caregiver, but it’s a difference that can be instrumental in getting your loved one the proper care.


Nurses are licensed to perform skilled care (tube feeding, regular injections, IV therapy, medication administration, etc.). So, if your loved one requires skilled care, you’ll likely need a nurse on hand. 

Nurses are generally only in the home a few hours per week. Nurses are usually in charge of implementing specific instructions set forth by a doctor. 


Caregivers, on the other hand, are there to help with activities of daily living as well as to provide companionship for their clients. They do not perform medical care. Instead, caregivers have a personal touch. They develop close ties with those in their care as they help with the day-to-day needs that a senior might not be able to do on their own any longer. Whether it’s bathing, or grocery shopping, or even cooking their meals, a caregiver can help fill in the gap for seniors who otherwise would not be able to continue living on their own.

The professional you need for your loved ones will depend on their needs and unique situation. A senior may need both a nurse and a caregiver or just one to come into the home each week.

Types of Caregivers

Because “caregiver” and “caretaker” refer to anyone who provides care, there are different types of caregivers. When it comes to senior care, these are the types of caregivers that you may hear about.

  • Private-duty caregiver
  • Independent caregivers
  • Family caregiver
  • Respite caregiver

Basic roles of a Home Caregiver

  1. To provide emotional support to the patient
  2. Make observations about the patient and alert the patient’s family and/or healthcare team when necessary.
  3. To provide physical support/assistance to the patient
  4. To help the patient with housework and daily activities.
  5. To participate in carrying out the treatment plan as instructed by the doctors and nurses.

PCA home care services are currently available in various states across Nigeria. Our caregivers and home care nurses are second to none. They have been trained in CPR and first aid, fall prevention and safety, emergency action planning, medication management, and more. We ensure they are duly certified and licensed by the relevant bodies.

Our professional caregivers also provide proper documentation of your loved one’s vital signs, medications, changes in condition, daily activities, and other relevant information in order to improve your ability to monitor their condition and facilitate communication with their physician and the rest of the healthcare team. 

We offer a range of services in PCA Care which include:

  1. Rehabilitative Services- fall prevention, physiotherapy, occupational therapy
  2. Home Assessments and Equipment Supply – recommending and providing the appropriate equipment to make the home safe and improve independence.
  3. Medication Management- assisting with medication management, dispensing, and administering drugs
  4. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) / Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL):

    a. Bathing and showering
    b. Dressing
    c. Incontinence/ bowel and bladder programs
    d. Toileting
    e. Functional mobility
    f. Self-feeding
    g. Tube feeding
  1. Grooming/Hygiene/Skin care and Wound Care
  2. Post-Hospital Discharge Care
  3. Respite Care at Home
  4. Emergency Short-Term Care
  5. Convalescent Care
  6. Palliative Care

We understand that the choice of the most appropriate home/elderly care service can be difficult for several reasons. That is why PCA offers client-focused care with multi-professional access at an affordable price. Our wide range of services also available for our clients includes:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Equipment Supplies

At PCA Care, our home care services come in different forms depending on the kind of services requested for. We offer:

  • 4-hour Care Monthly Pack
  • 8-hour Care Monthly Pack
  • 12-hour Care Monthly Pack(Day)
  • 12-hour Care Monthly Pack( Night)
  • 24-hour Care Monthly Pack

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