Benefits of opting for physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy treatment refers to a therapeutic procedure, which is concerned with rehabilitation of individuals after suffering from a trauma. It is generally concerned with restoring, maintaining and maximizing the functionality, movement, and strength of the individual.
Generally, a wide range of conditions are treated using physiotherapy treatment. Some of these conditions include:

  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Joint pain or arthritis
  • Spinal injuries
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Sports injuries
  • Pediatric conditions like cerebral palsy
  • Neurological disorders such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease
  • Cardiopulmonaryopulmonary disorders

There are a number of therapies used in treatments including electrotherapy techniques, manual therapy procedures or different sort of exercise programs. Physiotherapy treatment also includes joint mobilization techniques, muscle stretching, massage, taping or trigger point therapy.

Physiotherapy at home

Availing physiotherapy at home is quite normal nowadays. It is particularly useful in conditions in which the condition of the patient is quite serious or it is not possible for the patient to travel to a physiotherapy clinic.

In such situations, the physiotherapist visits the home of the patient for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment. Everything, starting from discussions related to different issues concerning the health of the patient and objectives of treatment to the actual physiotherapy treatment process are all carried out in your home.

There are a number of benefits related to receiving physiotherapy treatment receiving at home:

Time management- A lot of time can be saved by opting for physiotherapy at home. Also, time plays an important role in treating conditions like acute pain and stress. Thus, treatment at home helps a lot.

  • Avoiding the stress of traffic and long car rides: if you live somewhere like Lagos, where we are based, traffic is a problem and a trip to the clinic can mean hours of sitting in the car. If you are in pain this journey can be really stressful and the journey back home can even undo some of the benefits from the session you just completed. A home visit means when you are finished with the treatment you can just relax, already in your home.
  • Supervision- treatment at home helps the patient and his/her family to keep track of the treatment process and ensure that the patient is getting proper physiotherapy care.
  • The comfort of home- The environment at home is considered to be more comfortable for a patient as compared to the environment of the clinic. Presence of family members during the treatment process helps to boost the morale of the patient and contributes to the speedy recovery of the patient
  • Benefits mobility-challenged patients: patients who struggle with getting out of bed and dressed and getting transported to a clinic are much better suited to be seen in-home where they will not have to stress themselves and their caregivers to come out of the house.
  • Personalized treatment- Physiotherapy in your home means your treatment is based on what items you have in your home and what you have to work with when the physio is not around so the carryover to a home program and your regular activities is personalized to your own space and your own belongings.
  • One-on-one treatment- Opting for a private physiotherapist at home also ensures one-on-one treatment with your therapist’s undivided attention. Whereas clinics can sometimes be busy and noisy.

Thus, it is quite evident that physiotherapy has a lot of advantages, especially when it is done at home.

It also helps in the treatment of a number of conditions and helps in providing dedicated attention to a particular individual to boost their recovery. For more information, call us on 0813 028 0496!

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