Geriatric Clinical Concepts: Evaluation and Treatment of Balance Dysfunction

This course offers an in-depth look at all factors that affect balance, with a special consideration for balance challenges in the elderly population.

Topics include:

– Types of balance dysfunction and changes that occur with age

– Testing and outcome measures for balance dysfunction

– Vestibular and neuromuscular treatments for balance impairments

– As a bonus, this course also includes clinical applications of these concepts in specific conditions such as dementia, stroke and Parkinson’s disease.



Early Bird: 11/11/19 – 31/12/19

– Professionals: N37,500

– Students/Interns/NYSC: N20,000

Full Price (Prepaid): 1/1/20 – 23/1/20

– Professionals: N45,000

– Students/Interns/NYSC N27,000

At the venue (day-of):

– Professionals: N50,000

– Students/Interns/NYSC: 31,000

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