Ergonomic Checklist- For those who work from home

When working from home, it’s easy to lie in bed all day, especially when you have got a laptop handy- don’t. This practice throws your body completely out of whack! Instead, make sure you have a makeshift home office that is perfectly set up to keep you safe and comfortable.

Did you know…
Sitting and leaning forward (typing!) places 150% more pressure on your spinal disks than when standing.
The average person will spend 16 hours a day sitting or standing…. that’s 2/3 of your life!

Ergonomic-related injuries include a vast range of musculoskeletal disorders – Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Neck and Back injuries

6 top tips for ideal posture

  • Feet should be flat on the floor – or use a footrest.
  • Ensure chair is high enough so hips are slightly higher than knees (tilt seat if necessary).
  • Lengthen your spine to its natural balanced position: bottom against back of the chair, and top of back should be supported too.
  • Elbows should rest in front of the body, rather than in line with your side, with forearms resting on your desk (a slightly sloping work surface should be used when reading and writing).
  • Screen should be at arm’s length and directly in-front of your face when sitting tall.
  • Your mouse and phone should be within easy reach. If more than 40% of your day is spent on the phone,use a headset.

If you suspect your workstation, at home or at work, is a contributing factor to any on-going symptoms: numbness or stiffness in joints, tingling, aching sensations in muscles, headaches or back pain then we can provide you with a comprehensive assessment.

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