Here’s why you need a PCA fitness assessment today

A Physical Fitness Assessment lays the groundwork for a Personal Training program. It allows your physiotherapist to get a baseline of your body. By establishing the baseline, your personal training exercise program will be neither too hard nor too easy.

Many patients feel they need stretching exercises not realizing that they actually have above average flexibility. They might feel unsteady while hiking or walking downstairs and not realize that their balance has diminished over the years.

Unless you have a solid understanding of the different areas of your physical well-being, it is hard to decide what exercises would be best for you to do – that becomes my job.

Components of a Physical Fitness Assessment

Your Physical Fitness Assessment includes:

  • Body Alignment – How you distribute your weight through your feet, how you carry yourself, your body mechanics of sitting, going up and down stairs, getting up and down from the floor to more complex movement patterns.
  • Flexibility – The range of movement in your muscles and your joints.
  • Balance – Your ability to integrate your visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems to maintain your balance through progressively challenging testing.
  • Core Strength – Your ability to activate or recruit your deep abdominal musculature or transverses abdominus. This is key in performance and injury prevention.
  • Breathing Pattern – Your ability to breath with your diaphragm, which allows for maximum relaxation as well as maximum oxygenation to working muscles. Many individuals do not realize the importance of breathing as it relates to sleep, digestion, and general wellbeing. We cover these in detail during your assessment.
  • Strength – An individuals’ strength varies not only from lower to upper body but within muscles groups as well. Having balanced strength allows joints to be well supported and the body to be well aligned. Most individuals do exercises they like and avoid the ones they really need. The product of a proper assessment is to address the weaker areas with exercises that you will enjoy – and do.

Maybe it is time to consider a physical assessment and an exercise program to get your body moving. Call PCA today on 0813 028 0496.

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