How to make the most of in-home Physiotherapy

So, you have signed up for PCA and of course, you’re confident you’ve selected the best physiotherapist for your injury, and have booked your first appointment.

Now what? How do you ensure that you make the most out of your home physiotherapy experience? Here are some helpful tips.

The Environment

Decide on the ideal spot in your home for your physiotherapy session. It should be well-lit and free from hazards or clutter. Your therapist may be bringing a portable treatment table and some small pieces of exercise equipment, so make sure there is enough space to accommodate this.

Be Prepared

Wear clothing appropriate to the area being assessed. Shorts and a t-shirt or vest top is usually sufficient.

Your Medical History

Get the most out of your time with your physiotherapist by being accurate and concise with the history of your problem. Some patients find it helpful write a short, point form list beforehand.

If you have any relevant medical documents (test results, specialist appointment summaries etc.) have these printed and ready to show your physiotherapist. Write down your current medications, or at least have the bottles on hand.

Your Goals

Before your in-home physiotherapy session, take a moment to think about what you hope to achieve with your therapist. Reducing pain and improving movement is certainly desirable, but why do you want to feel and move better? Are you looking to get back to a favorite pastime, such as golf? Do you have to finish that DIY project of painting your bedroom walls? Or perhaps your problem is preventing you from sleeping through the night and you’d like to have your energy back during the day. Or is it you’d like to simply be able to go up and down your stairs at home?

Decide how your problem is limiting you, and be ready to tell your physiotherapist.

Do Your Homework

Most patients will be prescribed a home exercise program by their physiotherapist. How quickly you achieve your rehabilitation goals is directly related to how closely you adhere to your home exercise schedule.

Listen carefully as exercises are shown to you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you are unsure of. Your physio will appreciate your commitment to the rehab process.

Our patients have wonderful testimonies and we are betting you will say the same. Book an appointment and start recovering the right way! Call PCA today on 0813 028 0496.

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