Key Accounts and Business Development Officer/Coordinator

Key Accounts and Business Development Officer/Coordinator

Unit: Marketing & Business Development

Status: Full-time

Job Summary

Marketing and Business Development Department Support

  • Execute business development strategy for Physio Centers of Africa in alignment with the marketing and business development plan set by executive leadership.  In support of the executive ensure that the overall plan and direction Is well communicated with all Internal and external stakeholder groups to ensure seamless execution of the plans.
  • Be conversant with and monitor market development, competition and service pricing & quality in order to evolve the marketing and business development strategy, plan, products and pricing for PCA.
  • Support the executive leadership on plan and budget development, editorial direction and collateral and program design (Including the evolution of the website) In support of key account development.
  • Collaborate with Social Media Consultant and ensure that social media marketing campaign and execution is in line with the overall business development plan.  Assist where needed on reviews and execution of the digital/social media and offline marketing strategy to ensure seamlessness with the needs of key accounts.
  • Execute offline marketing campaigns and events across all product lines (physiotherapy, equipment sales, elder/home-care and training).  Ensure that we are appropriately represented In the right conferences (trade, physician and hospital groups, corporate, etc), print media and medical journals to reach our target groups.  Run activations as appropriate with key customer facing bodies (BtoB and BtoC).

Key Account and Business Development

  • Drive the design, development and delivery of the strategy for PCA’s client acquisition  and sales growth.
  •  Create and manage the Client database (hospitals, doctors, HMO’s and other partners);
  • Ensure acquisition strategy is in place for each
  • Develop the necessary products, marketing materials, contracts and MOU’s etc to capture and develop the client’s business (see above alignment required)
  • Ensure that a visit and activation plan Is In place for the different segments and he/she Is executing against those targets which are a head office responsibility (hospitals, HMOs corporates, etc)
  • Monitor progress with each customers segment and adjust strategy as needed
  • Ensure that the targeting and detailing plans of the physios are in place and monitor the plan execution and relationship development of the Physiotherapists with respect to Individual doctors, clubs, and other organizations best managed by the PT field force as opposed to corporate efforts.
  • Develop, screen and maintain the catalogue of presentations, marketing collaterals, agreements, etc for use with the different client target groups.  Ensure that there Is appropriate collaboration with marketing and other support Interfaces to ensure that the right materials are available at the right time.
  • Monitor referral growth and business coming from each client segment In order to ensure that the approach Is adjusted to meet the needs and achieve growth targets (ensure collaterals, programs, presentations, proposals etc are made to meet each group.  Liaise with marketing and digital team to ensure execution)
  • Research into relationships that should be developed and manage effective partnerships with both existing and new key corporate partners
  • Innovate and offer new ideas and approaches for developing PCA, building relationships with other prospective business partners and with other networks and members where appropriate.
  • Stay appropriately networked and keep abreast of trends, news, events and deadlines, so that all possible, new or enhanced opportunities are exploited.

Competency and Skills Requirements

Critical Characteristics

  • Previous experience  In business development and or Business to business selling and customer development or key account management
  • Solid understanding of medical marketing and selling approaches as well as an understanding of the healthcare sector and physiotherapy or pharmaceuticals
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • An analytical problem solver who leverages this capability in their creativity and who can work independently and with disciplined Initiative
  • Detail oriented, numerate and good multitasking capabilities
  • Has a team-working, collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit but must be willing to take responsibility and informed risk
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other spreadsheet applications
  • Presentation capability, core selling skills  orientation
  • Positioned to grow with the business

Generic Skills

  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Very good interpersonal and team skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Customer focus and strong planning and execution skills (understands the basics of project management and reporting)
  • High quality end product focus

Minimum Qualifications

  • Degree qualification In physiotherapy, pharmacy or MBA, Marketing, Public Relations or other relevant work
  • If no educational background In healthcare previous exposure to the sector and a keen Interest In the sector
  • Has had exposure to the core tenants of brand marketing with a good understanding of the 4 P’s (Price, product, promotion, positioning) and basic selling skills and account management
  • At least 3 years’ experience working in a marketing and or business development role in a corporate environment.
  • At least 3 years experience of developing and implementing key customer selling, account management, sales or business development activities
  • Solid english, writing and communications skills and exposure to content development for different communication channels including emails, adverts, presentations, etc.
  • Extensive use of project management approaches including setting project plans, budgets and schedules.
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