Home and Elder Care Division Manager

Home and Elder Care Division Manager

Unit Home and Elder Care

Job Summary

Job Description:

The Head Nurse/Matron will manage our Home & Elder Care workforce. The Head Nurse, will be responsible for supervising caregivers; by providing leadership and orientation to personnel; and for performing a variety of duties in order to coordinate the delivery of care to clients.  They will liaise with the HR Outsourcing to recruit caregivers, they lead training and quality assurance and are responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting customer service

We are looking for an individual with exceptional communication, organization and computer skills. Must enjoy working in a team-oriented environment and be able to multi-task.

This person will work the PCA MD and executive team to develop the pilot and launch the full business operations


  • Ensure the appropriateness and execution of the business model and all operating processes.
  • Oversee caregiver in-house orientation and all trainings.
  • Liaise with outsourcing company on the employment lifecycle of caregivers.
  • Schedule and conduct caregiver annual reviews and all supervision including regular performance conversations, accountabilities, customer satisfaction and problem resolution.
  • Motivate and inspire our caregiver workforce
  • Oversee caregiver schedules with an emphasis on creating high quality matches and extraordinary relationships.
  • Utilize software system for documentation and record maintenance, monitor output.
  • Meet with prospective clients in order to discover their needs, sign them up for service and establish a billing relationship.
  • Ensure satisfaction, safety and quality care through regular phone contact with clients and representatives as well as live visits in their homes.
  • Reflect the values of PCA Home & Elder Care.
  • Be a point of contact in the clinic for clients and family members to facilitate problem resolution for client care issues.
  • Conduct client/caregiver introductions
  • Keep sufficient documentation of all relevant phone and in-person contacts with clients, client representatives, caregivers and others.
  • Responsible for ensuring all Quality Assurance home visits with new clients two-weeks after start of service and every 90-days are scheduled and completed by the due date. Ensure proper maintenance of Client Journals. Collect service records for office file and keep journal stocked with blank forms.
  • Maintain all active prospects and client records on appropriate software. Update and inactivate prospect and client files as needed.
  • Take phone inquiries from prospective clients, set-up service calls, record client inquiries on software to enable reporting conversion, closing and referral sources.
  • Know about long-term care insurance and how it works to be in a position to advise clients on this topic during care consultations.
  • Responsible for maintaining client files; scanning into the main shared folder and ensuring the hard copies are in the client file.
  • 90-Day audit of client files when home visit is conducted.
  • Gain mastery of the following technical systems/processes/resources: Outlook Calendars, Outlook Mail, One Drive File Sharing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and more.

Competency and Skills Requirements

Critical Characteristics

  • Previous experience desired – Licensed Nurse or someone with managerial work experience within senior care/long-term care/hospital management
  • Must have the ability to work, Monday thru Friday (full-time)
  • Minimum of three-year experience managing clients strongly preferred
  • Ability to visit client homes in the assigned territory
  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit and must be willing to take risk
  • Be willing to grow with the business and be adventurous
  • A problem solver and can work independently
  • Someone not concerned with hierarchy and ready to roll up sleeves
  • Good multitasking capabilities
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other spreadsheet applications
  • Presentation capability

Generic Skills

  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Very good interpersonal and team skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Customer focus

Supervisory Skills

  • Have previously led a team in a hospital/eldercare business
  • Client relations
  • Strong organisational skills

Minimum Qualifications

Educational Background

  • Currently licensed to practice as a registered Nurse In Nigeria
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) required.
  • 5 Years Of Related Work Experience Required.
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