PCA Caregiver Training Course

The PCA Way Academy is pleased to present the most comprehensive caregiver training course.

This course is open to all professionals, family members and non-medical caregivers.

The 3-and-a-half-day training which holds from 11 to 14 December has been designed to provide participants with vital skills and knowledge on hospital and home care. The course will be coordinated by Dr. Michelle Neff, Executive Director Clinical Excellence for Physio Centers of Africa. She is a Doctor of Physiotherapy from Michigan, USA. Dr. Neff has almost 10 years of clinical experience in the home and elder care setting


In this course, caregivers will learn:

  • About the role and develop the personal skills that make a great caregiver.
  • CPR and First aid – along with a certificate for the entire course Caregivers will also receive a Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate.
  • How to take vitals and other measures and recognize emergencies and health concerns as well as how to act once these are identified.
  • How to properly manage medications
  • How to create a safe living space and prevent falls and injuries.
  • How to move a client or help them move safely, protecting them from injury and yourself as well.
  • How to best assist with basic tasks such as feeding, bathing, toileting.
  • Exercise programs for the elderly
  • How to communicate effectively to your client, their family and the healthcare team, including proper documentation



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