Our clinicians have experience with orthopedics, sports-medicine, neurology, pediatrics and geriatrics. We work closely with each patient to design an individualized treatment plan that is specifically tailored to fit each patient’s needs as well as their personality and schedule. Treatments vary and may include, but are not limited to: therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education and balance training, gait training, functional training, manual treatments such as joint and soft tissue mobilizations, massage therapy, therapeutic modalities such as electric stimulation or ultrasound, traction or taping. We can assist in accessing occupational and speech therapists to support post-stroke treatment.

  • Clinic-Based Physiotherapy:
    Our skilled therapists provide treatment at our centers where a full range of equipment and other aids are available to support therapy, including HWAVE machines and gait trainers within our fully equipped medically-focused physiotherapy gym.
  • Home Care Physiotherapy:
    For those patients unable to come to the clinics for treatment, our skilled therapists are available to provide treatment in a home setting. Using specialized techniques and home kits we endeavour to achieve similar outcomes as to what we could provide in-clinic.
  • Inpatient Physiotherapy:
    Hospital visits- Our physiotherapists provide services to patients of collaborating hospitals within their own facility. In the future we will provide inpatient rehabilitation services. PCA recognizes the need to support post-surgical and trauma patients between their hospital stay and going home with intense therapy. We plan on building fully equipped inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the future.
  • Aquatic Therapy:
    Aquatic therapy is a good substitute for conventional treatment. Aquatic therapy offers advantages such as decreased weight bearing to ease the pain associated with exercise in more severe conditions. Water pressure also helps to reduce swelling, and resistance from the water improves strength and balance
  • Supervised Gym Program:  This service is for individuals who want to use our specialized equipment for workouts but may require some guidance from a therapist for safety.  There is no one-on-one treatment or hands-on treatment from a therapist but there will always be a therapist available to answer questions or provide assistance.  This program is ideal for patients who have just completed a course of physiotherapy treatment and would like some assistance to transition to an independent workout routine.
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