Our Services


Our clinicians have experience with orthopedics, sports-medicine, neurology, pediatrics and geriatrics. We work closely with each patient to design an individualized treatment plan that is specifically tailored to fit each patient’s needs as well a...

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PCA Care

For individuals who have difficulty leaving the home, individuals who are bed-bound or those who simply prefer to be treated in the privacy of their home. A therapist who understands the needs of the mobility challenged or elderly can provide trea...

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PCA Independence Store

We are able to provide small consumables and equipment that supports your continued treatment or individual exercise at home. If needed, we can also work with you to realign your home to support mobility and recuperation from serious operations or tr...

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Wellness and Fitness

Complete a short wellness survey as part of your treatments to check on your general health and wellness, or participate in a full fitness maintenance program with training sessions provided by a licensed physio and personal trainer.

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Lab & Diagnostics

We can provide cardiac assessments as part of starting your treatment regime or as part of an annual check on your health and well being.

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PCA Way Academy

We provide continuing education training to physiotherapists.

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Physician Referrals Hospital Referrals

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What to expect on your first visit

  • Welcome to PCA! Please be prepared to fill in some initial documentation on who you are and your condition. We will also be doing a full evaluation so do come prepared with comfortable clothing that will facilitate evaluation.  If you have a specific recommendation or history from your doctor that you would like to share do bring that along with you.   Please come a bit early so that you can fill our your registration forms.   Your first visit will require a full hour and we would be grateful if you can be early and if not, punctual.  We will always start and complete a visit on time.
  • You and your physiotherapist will discuss your medical history, including medications and tests that have been done, your current condition and pain/other complaints, how your daily activities are affected and your goals for treatment.
  • Your therapist will then perform an evaluation which may consist of palpation, assessment of range of motion and strength, neurologic testing, special tests to determine specific diagnoses, postural assessment, gait assessment and functional movement exam.
  • Finally, your therapist will discuss their findings with you and discuss treatment options.  You will agree a schedule of visits going forward and hopefully, you will be in a position to confirm your next visit day and time.