Ways that Sedentary Life is Harming You

We all know that leading a sedentary life can be unhealthy as it leads to excessive weight gain and cholesterol problems. But being physically inactive might have more adverse effects on your health than you can imagine.

1. Quality of sleep is reduced

A sedentary lifestyle can hamper your sleep quality. Studies show that people who hardly get up from their seat experience trouble in having a goodnight’s sleep as compared to those who exercise regularly.
Waking up in the middle of the night and being irritated most of the time are signs that you aren’t sleeping well. Poor sleep on a regular basis can eventually lead to anxiety, reduced focus, obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

2. Bodily functions are affected

Sitting at your desk and working on your computer all day long can have harmful effects on your body posture. You tend to slouch which leads to chronic back aches, neck pains and headaches.
Slouching also leads to indigestion, acidity and constipation which can prove harmful for your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Prolonged sitting, especially crossed leg, can cut off the blood circulation, increase the pressure on your legs and lead to spider veins.

3. Poor blood circulation

Researchers say that not moving all day long and just sitting at one place may affect our arteries; it reduces the blood flow and also increases the risk of blood clots.
Poor blood circulation can also lead to cramps in legs while walking. If neglected for a long time, arterial ulcers can develop in the feet and ankles, eventually leading to gangrene.

4. Depression

Australian researchers found out that inactivity can lead to feeling sad, restless, hopeless and depressed. On the contrary, being physically active boosts the release of endorphins – the hormone that triggers happiness.
Exercise can increase your energy levels which makes you feel pepped up. Putting 20-30 mins aside for a cardio work out can have a great impact on your mood.

5. Brain Fog

Sitting in front of the computer for prolonged hours harms your cognitive functions. A sedentary lifestyle can eventually make you forgetful, disoriented, making it difficult for you to focus, concentrate and comprehend things. The logical connection between your brain functions and exercise is simple. When you exercise you will have a good blood flow to the muscles which ultimately means proper blood circulation in the brain and it will work better.

Sedentary lifestyle comes with a lot of risks. With advancing technology, we will always be encouraged to do the work with lesser efforts but being completely physically inactive is unhealthy.

Exercising or moving around for even 1 hour can make a lot of difference. Be smart and squeeze in easy and quick workouts in your work schedule and stay healthy.

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