Why new Mothers need to see a physiotherapist

Pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful things! However it can put enormous stresses and strains on a woman’s body.

One major field of specialisation within physiotherapy is that of women’s health in particular. They are dedicated to dealing with issues arising around pregnancy, childbirth, painful sexual intercourse, pelvic pain, low back pain, incontinence, the menopause, the female athlete and much more.They have expert knowledge about how you can regain a pain-free, problem free, quality of life after having your baby.

Unfortunately, many pregnant women or new mothers don’t know this specialised area of physiotherapy exists and don’t know where to go for help.  

So why do new Mothers need Physiotherapy?


During pregnancy and childbirth the pelvic floor goes through a lot! Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to leaking and incontinence. We can treat incontinence, and treat the pelvic floor. You should seek physio for a weak or damaged pelvic floor.

Low back pain

Low Back Pain is a common complaint during pregnancy and with new Mothers. Physiotherapists are experts in evaluating, diagnosing and helping you manage your pain. We have the expertise and familiarity with the specific types of pain and problems that occur during and after pregnancy and  can help reduce pain and restore you to full function.

Prevent Scar Tissue Adhesions and Pelvic Pain

After a C-section, it is vital that a new mum learns the correct management of her abdominal scar. If left to heal on their own, incision sites can lead to permanent pain. Similarly after an episiotomy or a tear with stitches, it is so important to look after these scars. Lack of attention to these areas can lead to tension, lumpy scars, painful sexual intercourse, pelvic pain and can cause long term pain at the incision site.

Wellness and Fitness during pregnancy

After childbirth a physiotherapist can help, get you safely back to the things that you love. Whether you are a marathon runner, cyclist, walker, gardener, or you are keen to plan your next pregnancy, she can facilitate a healthy strong recovery. We can create a personalised treatment plan to fit your needs.

If you are suffering from back pain, pelvic pain, painful sexual intercourse, incontinence, weakness, pelvic floor damage, seek help. Don’t suffer in silence. Here at PCA, our physiotherapists can help you restore your physical health. Give us a call today on 0813 028 0496!



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